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Please find as follows the response of Powertronics, regarding the allegation made by Liu, Kuo-Hua (Silas) in the media.
  1. The new management team of Powertronics has filed a number of criminal lawsuits against Liu, Kuo-Hua (Silas) for many misconducts during his past managing term in Powertronics. Hence, Liu, Kuo-Hua (Silas) has been deliberately undermining company reputation in various ways.
  2. The lawsuits brought against Liu, Kuo-Hua (Silas) and Jin, Ning (Liu’s spouse) are as follows, all of which are being tried in court now:
    • Violation of the Tax Collection Law (case number:北檢108他13155)
    • Embezzlement (case number:北檢109偵續200)
    • Breach of Trust (case number:北檢109偵續200)
    • Infringement of Copyright Law (case number:北檢109偵續154)
  3. Liu, Kuo-Hua (Silas) is suspected of violating Anti-Money Laundering regulation, and the National Taxation Bureau has sent his case to the Investigation Bureau for further investigation. Powertronics has been summoned twice as witness by The New Taipei City Station of Investigation Bureau to take statement (number:新北法字第10944511460號).
With new leadership, Powertronics achieves better performance and financial stability. We believe our efforts are seen and recognized. And, we look forward to creating a better future with our business partners. Thank you.

Note: Legal action will be taken against Liu, Kuo-Hua (Silas) for his false accusation that affects company reputation.